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      The Art Of Seeing

       We hold a national contest to design optical tools supporting education and development for partially sighted children. The idea is to complete a cheap set of optical toys for visual stimulation and teaching aids that can be used in preschools and schools. As a preliminary step we have estimated demand for such kits, It turned out that many preschools and schools for visually impaired children are keenly interested in our project.
       The competition is aimed at everyone from Poland, but above all students and graduates of science, technology and design. Its objective is to draw attention to problems faced by partially blind children, such as the lack of simple and inexpensive devices to stimulate visual concentration through the change of light intensity or colour. It is important in the rehabilitation of partially blind children, as it teaches them perceptiveness, concentration and visual and physical co-ordination. We, too, had remained unaware of how difficult the lives of such people may be and how much work and practice on their part is essential for them to cope in society, until we visited the Jan Brzechwa Kindergarten with the intention of demonstrating special experiments in physics to the children. Deeply moved by this experience, we decided to take advantage of the resourcefulness and skills of young people who could put together an educational set of toys that would facilitate the process of learning for partially blind children. It is of utmost importance to us that a substantial number of people take part in the competition and that the competition itself be of the highest quality.
       This contest is also a good training how to look for new business ideas. We also believe that our project will be the first step to arouse young scientists' interest in social actions.

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      The demonstration Classes in Physics- second edition

       Once again we visited children from Konin are for improving and broadening pupils' scientific knowledge. We were hosted by the Regional Development Agency in Konin, which is a organization responsible for improving knowledge.
       The main idea of this meeting was to demonstrate the nature of the scientific enterprise through the process of prediction, experimentation, observation and explanation. The success key is to give pupils a chance to do all activities themselves and discuss about problems and exchange ideas on how to solve them.
       Preparing the program we decided to use in the various activities cheap and commonplace materials allow for the activities to be tried again at home. Results of all activities could also be recorded on the worksheet. After each experiment a brief discussion arriving at an explanation of what happened ends the activity.
       The program of one Demonstration Classes in Physics consisted of two parts: one hour performance and two hours hands-on workshop. Details of this event you can see below.

The demonstration Classes in Physics 1 The demonstration Classes in Physics 2
The demonstration Classes in Physics 3 The demonstration Classes in Physics 4
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      Physical Reflections on Photography

       Two members of our OSA Chapter - Szymon Tamborski and Karol Karnowski - created a Physical Relfections on Photography group.
       Group of amateur photographer meet regularly to share photographic experience, fulfill interesting projects and discuss on photography in more phisicist way.
       Group is going to prepare photography workshop during Torun's Festival of Art and Science 2011

Physical Reflections on Photography 1 Physical Reflections on Photography 2 Physical Reflections on Photography 3