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      Hit the target

       Hit the target is a hands-on education outreach kit using lasers and mirrors. The activity is intended to enrich the science learning experience for students in the middle grades and thereby make them interested in self-experimentation .
       The kit is being intensively promoted during LaserFest - a yearlong celebration of the 50th anniversary of the laser, which was demonstrated for the first time in 1960. The LaserFest project is collaborative effort of the American Physical Society, the Optical Society, SPIE and IEEE Photonics Society.
       To encourage global network of Student Chapters to organize public outreach events during LaserFest the optics kits were distributed. Thus our chapter obtained educational kits and founding to organize numerous outreach events.
       More information about Hit the target adapted by our Chapter you can find here.

Hit the target 1 Hit the target 2 Hit the target 3 Hit the target 4

      (International Student Workshop on Laser Applications)

       On 22th till 25th of May 2010 four of us attended the ISWLA10 (International Student Workshop on Laser Applications) in Bran, Romania. The conference was organized by Romanian SPIE Student Chapter from Institute of Laser Physics from Bucharest. As our chapters have been cooperated with each other from a couple of years, we decided to join the Workshop as soon as we were kindly invited.
       That is why - Sylwia Kolenderska, Daniel Ruminski and Szymon Tamborski - who are the Torun OSA Student Chapter Members and Mateusz Bawaj who is the sympathizer of the Chapter checked in in Bran. Their contribution to the conference were four oral presentations covering topics as follows:

Sylwia Kolenderska: Albert Abraham Michelson - The master of light

Daniel Ruminski: 1060 nm central wavelength swept source laser for OCT imaging

Szymon Tamborski: Towards obtaining qualitative and quantitative spectroscopic information of scattering media with the use of Spectral OCT

ISWLA10, bran 1 ISWLA10, bran 2 ISWLA10, bran 3
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      The Demonstration Classes in Physics

       The Demonstration Classes in Physics are a continuation of our educational project Back to School. In this year the Demonstration Classes in Physics were held at Konin, Poland in January 2010, and were hosted by the Regional Development Agency in Konin, which is a organization responsible for improving and broadening pupils' scientific knowledge. Each year we run one free hands-on workshop for continuous professional development, where members of NCU chapters OSA & SPIE visit school on the periphery of the city and work in groups and individually on a creative project.
       The main idea of this meeting was to demonstrate the nature of the scientific enterprise through the process of prediction, experimentation, observation and explanation. The success key is to give pupils a chance to do all activities themselves and discuss about problems and exchange ideas on how to solve them.
      Preparing the program we decided to use in the various activities cheap and commonplace materials allow for the activities to be tried again at home. Results of all activities could also be recorded on the worksheet. After each experiment a brief discussion arriving at an explanation of what happened ends the activity.
       The program of one Demonstration Classes in Physics consisted of two parts: one hour performance and two hours hands-on workshop. Details of this event you can see below.

The Demonstration Classes in Physics 1 The Demonstration Classes in Physics 2 The Demonstration Classes in Physics 3
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      OPTO Meeting for Young Researcher

       The student conference OPTO Meeting for Young of Researchers was hold in Torun, May 12- 15, 2010. The goal of the meeting was to exchange scientific experience by young researches and to help students to make first steps towards their future careers under the inappreciable patronage of invited to experts. The participants came from Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, India, China, France, Taiwan, Pakistan and Poland.
       According to the SPIE and OSA mission, the field we all met in was optics and photonics. This was what we are interested in and apply our skills to. All represented subjects, though of great topical dispersion, do have a distinct common denominator. We were convinced that our scientific forum, supported by respectable patronage of the invited experts, was a fertile soil for new ideas and solutions to grow. We believe that Torun with its scientific legacy and academic spirit is a very right place for this to happen and unique atmosphere of student event resulted in us getting into professional as well as friendly relations.

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