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IONS-14 in Torun (Poland) this summer!!!

OSA Chapter Torun, IONS-14 in Torun (Poland) July 2013

      We have this great pleasure to announce that on 3-6 July 2013 we our hosting IONS-14 conference in Torun!
      More information at official website of IONS-Project!

      Simultaneously in the same place in the same time there will be the next edition of
OPTO Meeting For Young Researchers 2013 Torun Logo
OPTO Meeting 2013.
You are welcome to check it out!

       Movie created by Szymon Tamborski, which presents our chapter main mission.

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       Nicolaus Copernicus University OSA Student Chapter was established on 1th October 2009 By Danuta Bukowska.
       Our mission is to organize and enrich students’ activity in optics at Nicolaus Copernicus University. The research in the field of optics in our university has been significantly developed since that time which was followed by flourishing of our chapter in both the number of our members and the challenges we have been taking up.
       NCU OSA chapter’s main goal is to rise interest in Physics in school students by giving them the chance to participate in fascinating workshops and interesting experiments. Every year we go to various schools and meet children at different stages of education and convince them that Physics isn’t something they should be scared of. We crash stereotypes about it by giving them a chance to experience optics on their own, helping them to understand it on each step. It is also beneficial for members, because the curiosity and imagination of children and young people leads to very interesting questions – sometimes hard to answer!
       We also put an effort in self-development by organizing educational trips and both attending and organizing international student conferences.
       Our new members are predominantly students at the early stage of their academic education – that’s why being in OSA gives them great opportunity for self-development and to start a professional career in optics.

OSA Student Membership is your gateway to the optics industry!

       If you want to join us, please contact us via e-mail:

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