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    Torun is the second in terms of the unique gothic architecture medieval complex in Poland. Its old market and Town Hall have been part of UNESCO World Heritage List since 1997.
    Torun was hardly affected by The Second World War and now visitors from all over the world can admire untouched gothic architecture. In the Old Town one can find cozy alleys, hundreds of pubs and coffee houses.
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Train stations:
  • Dworzec Torun Glowny - Central Train Station
  • Dworzec Torun Wschodni - 2nd Main Train Station
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  • Dworzec PKS Torun - Central Bus Station




Warsaw (pol. Warszawa)

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Cosmopolis Fountain

    Cosmopolis Fountain is musical and full of light effects fountain is a relatively new tourist attraction in Torun.
    The fountain was designed by Zbigniew Mikielewicz. It was inspired by the Copernicus’ famous work De revolutionibus orbium coelestium (On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres) by the page on which Copernicus depicts his model of The Solar System, the surface consists of lasers and water jets creating orbits of the planets.
    Every evening in spring and summer one can marvel at laser and water show accompanied by the music composed just for this purpose.
OPTO Meeting 2013, Venue, Cosmopolis Fountain

The Old Quartet

OPTO Meeting 2013, Venue, The Old Quarter
    The world-renowned and the oldest part of Torun is The Old Quarter.
    It holds most of the tourist attractions along with lots of shops, museums and cozy alleys. It includes The New City, the Old City with City Town Hall and The Holy Spirit Church.

Old city Town Hall

    Built under the privilege of the Teutonic Grand Master Conrad von Wallenrode in the late 14th century, The Old City Town is one the most famous buildings of its kind in Europe.
    Located in the center of Torun it holds a museum, Wiczy Theatre and a number of restaurants and pubs.
    One can also try to climb atop the main Tower to marvel at the beauty of gothic atmosphere.
OPTO Meeting 2013, Venue, Old city Town Hall

St. George Guild House

OPTO Meeting 2013, Venue, St. George Guild House
    St. George Guild House, also known as "small" Artus Court, was a summer residence of exclusive Brotherhood of St. George.
    It was built in 1489 from the remains of old Teutonic Castle whose ruins are situated nearby. Building served as a meeting place of merchants and rich patriciate.
    The Brotherhood of St. George was dissolved in 1842.

Nicolaus Copernicus House

    Two gothic buildings situated in the Old Town district accounts for Nicolaus Copernicus House.
    Family of Nicolaus Copernicus was so wealthy that they owned a couple of buildings across the city of Torun. The complex of two buildings which are believed to be the birthplace of Copernicus are in Kopernika (Copernicus in Polish) Street.
    Everyone is welcome to visit this museum.
OPTO Meeting 2013, Venue, Nicolaus Copernicus House

Monument of Nicolaus Copernicus

OPTO Meeting 2013, Venue, Monument of Nicolaus Copernicus
    One of the most recognized elements of Torun’s architecture and landscape is the Monument of Nicolaus Copernicus situated next to Old City Town Hall.
    The cornerstone for this monument was laid in 1809 and was completed in 1853. Despite the fact that monument was erected a century and a half ago for years it was the most characteristic part of Torun and The Old Town.
    Today, it also serves as a meeting point for both the townspeople and visitors.

Artus House

    Artus House has been the premises of St. George Brotherhood since 1386.
    Its characteristic reddish edifice in the neo-Renaissance style dates from 1891. The building has been modelled many times during this period. Similar Artus Houses can be found in all major Hanseatic cities, e.g. Gdansk, Elblag or Riga (the capital of Latvia).
    Inside the Artus House there is a cafe and the Center of Culture of Artus House where regular concerts of classical music and exhibitions take place.
OPTO Meeting 2013, Venue, Artus House

Torun gingerbread

OPTO Meeting 2013, Venue, Torun gingerbread
    Torun gingerbread is the most famous food product in Poland.
    It is the trade mark of Torun and the recipe is one of its most treasured secrets. You can buy gingerbread in every part of Poland, but nowhere else you will find such variety of shapes, decoration and taste.
    While visiting brand shops of „Torunskie Pierniki” one can admire the art of decorating gingerbread which represents old wood-carving tradition.
    In museum of gingerbread tourists can learn about history of gingerbread and try to make one by themselves.

Gingerbread Walk of Fame

    In 2003 the Gingerbread Walk of Fame was initiated.
    On the pavement in front of Artus House Polish famous actors, musicians and politicians associated with the city leave their autographs. Each signature is made in pavement plaques in the shape of gingerbread “katarzynka”.
    Each year in June two new plaques are unveiled.
OPTO Meeting 2013, Venue, Gingerbread Walk of Fame


OPTO Meeting 2013, Venue, Planetarium
    The Planetarium in Torun is the place where visitors can take part in multicolor show with excellent futuristic music. Every show tells the different story about the Universe. Astronomic performances embrace almost all knowledge about NASA missions, space travel and exploration of the Universe known to our mankind. In the Orbitarium you can pilot the Cassini spacecraft where children can play with all interesting devices.
    The Planetarium was opened to satisfy tourists’ expectations. While visiting the birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus they wanted to see something associated with the Universe and Astronomy.
    The number of visitors has been systematically growing and now it exceeded 165 thousand per year.

Baj Pomorski Theatre

    The Actors and Puppet Theatre was opened in 1945 and was focused on young audiences. In this part of Poland Baj Pomorski is the only theater of its kind.
    After the renovation of the facade it is a real work of art. The design was nominated for the TVP Kultura Award in the category of Culture for Children and Adolescents.
    Children visiting Baj Pomorski can take a trip to the wonderful world of fairy tales and legends.
    Combining advanced technology of music and light with beautifully crafted costumes makes each show a life-time experience.
    Every year the International Puppet Theatre Festival is held in Baj Pomorski.
OPTO Meeting 2013, Venue, Baj Pomorski Theatre

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and John the Evangelist

OPTO Meeting 2013, Venue, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and John the Evangelist
    The construction of Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and John the Evangelist was started in the mid-13th century and lasted for about 200 years.
    This gothic church is one of the biggest ones in Poland and the best known in Torun.
    At the main tower the Tuba Dei Bell hangs, 2nd largest bell in Poland.
    Inside the church one can find many historical pieces of art dedicated to Copernicus including a chapel.

The Leaning Tower

OPTO Meeting 2013, Venue, The Leaning Tower
    The most famous tower in Torun, The Leaning Tower, was a typical fortified tower build in the 14th century.
    It was a part of city walls and was a place where ammunition was stored.
    Due to the instability of the ground it leant in the Middle Ages and has been stable ever since.
    Today it houses a pub and Municipal Institution of Culture Torun 2016.

    This is what you should know: Poland is a cheap, beautiful country worth visiting and travelling to!
    What if we tell you that it won't cost you more than 40 EUR for a whole stay in Torun? You don't believe it?
Cost of staying in Torun during conference
Dormitory single room(*): 8 EUR x 3 days
Dinner(**): 3 EUR x 3 days
2 beers in a bar: 2 EUR x 3 days
SUM: 13 EUR x 3 days

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(*) We can accommodate 55 people for 32,40 PLN (single room) or 27,00 PLN (double room) (+2 PLN fee) per day. First come, first served.
(*) Normal hotel room prices starts from 25 euro.
(**) We cover your breakfasts and lunches during conference.

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