OPTO Meeting For Young Researchers 2013 background

OPTO Meeting For Young Researchers 2013 - Other information

    This page contains other important information about our conference.


    The deadline to send your contribution is the 10th May 2013.
    You will need to write a one page abstract using the instructions given in the OPTO Meeting For Young Researchers Abstract Template.
    Please send it via email to spie.optomeeting@gmail.com, specifying "Abstract" and your ID that you will get after registration in the subject of the email.
    The language used for the abstracts and the presentations is English.
    The abstract must be sent in *.doc or *.docx format.
    A notification email will be sent to inform you of our decision before 1st June 2013.
    The abstract will allow us to select contributions to OPTO Meeting. You can apply for an oral presentation or a poster presentation. Unfortunately, due to time constraints it will be impossible to give everyone an oral presentation. All abstracts will be included in the conference programme, which participants will receive upon registration at the conference.


    In case you need VISA to Poland, please contact us and we will send you a letter of invitation to us.


    There are several hostels in the nearby that offer low prizes and quite high standards. We provide more information about it in Venue section.

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