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OPTO Meeting For Young Researchers 2013 - Contact

Below you can find contact to our main organizers and coordinators of the OPTO Meeting conference. In the bottom part of the site you can find a contact form.

While trying to email us, please, write your ID number as well, if you already have one.
This number is created and assigned to you right after you register.
Giving us your ID number will help us find the information about you on our servers.
More information about people below you can find in the section Organizers.

Main e-mail address of OPTO Meeting For Young Researchers conference

Sylwia Maliszewska - Main coordinator

Krzysztof Maliszewski - Vice main coordinator, Coordinator of finances

Jakub Korocinski - Logistics coordinator

Adam Buksztel - "Participants' matters" coordinator

Dariusz Swierad - VIP coordinator

Contact form

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